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Transmission: NV4500 (NV = New Venture) 5 speed manual with overdrive Sources: 1993 and later Dodge 4 wheel drive with gas engines (not diesel). The NV4500 has gained popularity over the years as a replacement transmission for the conversions of older 4 speed manual transmissions into 5 speed manual transmissions, making them more. This 5-speed NV4500 manual transmission has been a favorite among those wishing to upgrade their trucks and SUVs from Toyota, Jeep, Ford and other vehicle manufacturers. The NV4500 was a popular manual transmission option in various Dodge/Ram 25 heavy-duty pick-ups from 1992 through.

Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 8 of 8 Posts. It features all helical gears, and is fully synchronized. The NV4500 was used by General Motors starting in 1992 and Dodge started using this five speed in 1994. The NV3500 is a five-speed manual transmission. The HD NV4500&39;s are set up for a brake drum attachment on the rear of the transmission and are usually found in tow trucks and other commercial vehicles. Support transmission with a transmission jack.

This extra gear makes it a common conversion for trucks with 4 nv4500 transmission service manual speed transmissions. The 290 and the 5LM60 had four shift rails. 9l inline 6 cylinder Cummins Diesel engine. 5l V8 Diesel and Dodge trucks with the 5. The versatility of the NV4500 Transmission is one of the reasons that this transmission remains one of our most popular products. NV4500 Repair Manual. The otherwise reliable Dodge NV4500 4x4 manual transmission has one fault, a tendency for 5th gear failure, we have the solution. GM also has a NV4500, but most adapter kits only support the Dodge version.

The New Venture Gear Corporation was developed when GM’s Muncie Transmission Division and Chrysler’s New Process Corporation joined forces to manufacture a full product line of manual transmissions. MANUAL - NV4500 - DISASSEMBLY MANUAL - NV4500 - DISASSEMBLY MANUAL - NV4500 - ASSEMBLY DISASSEMBLY EXTENSION/ADAPTER HOUSING 1. Refer to 9 Engine for procedures. South Bend Clutch SDD3250-5 Fits:Dodge 5. Drivetrain catalog offering discounted NV4500 transmission parts, complete repair kits, major components and free troubleshooting help including illustrated parts drawing. The NV4500 transmission was the highlight of this new venture. Read online Repair Manual For A Nv4500 Transmission book pdf free download link book now. The NV4500 is longitudinally oriented top loading transmission.

NV4500 History The New Venture Gear Corporation was developed when GM’s Muncie Transmission Division and Chrysler’s New Process Corporation joined forces to manufacture a full product line of manual transmissions. The NV4500 was also found in various General Motors 25 pick-up trucks from 1991 to. The New Venture 4500 (NV4500) is a heavy duty manual transmission designed for Dodge or Chevrolet Trucks. 5 NVhp) / Street Dual Disc Clutch Kit 5. Our NV4500 transmission is on sale at last. The NV4500, built by New Venture and used in numerous applications, is arguable the best manual transmission ever produced.

This trans is rated for 460 lb-ft of torque, but can likely handle significantly more. Only a few (24-valve High Output) Turbo Diesels had the six-speed New Venture NV5600. Discussion Starter • 1 • Mar nv4500 transmission service manual 24.

9L NV. NV-4500 Manual Transmission Diagrams. Back in, most of our Turbo Diesels with manual transmissions had five-speeds, either the Getrag used on First Generation trucks, or the New Venture NV4500 that was used on Second Generation trucks (1994-up). The NV4500 five-speed transmission in our high-mileage diesel-powered &39;95 Chevy 2500 pickup was exhibiting some bad behavior. The NV-4500 manual transmission is a top loading five-speed transmission with a cast iron case, aluminum top cover and dual PTO ports.

This first post may seem redundant for those who are far more experienced at transmission work or at turning wrenches in general, you can skip to the first picture if you want to jump right in. The booklet appears to be meant to be used as a learning aid for GM service technicians, but it contains excellent diagrams, power flow charts, disassembly/assembly instructions, endplay specifications, torque specifications, sealant. Well, those aren&39;t necessarily our words, but ones we hear expressed day in and day out, and while we may agree to some degree, it has proven itself as a great option. Part of the problem was that the clutch wasn&39;t releasing completely. same as above but includes all syncro rings in kit. All books are in clear copy here, and all files are secure so don&39;t worry about it.

0 out of 5 stars 2 ,082. Overbuilt for long service life; Available for immediate shipment at a great price; New Venture NV4500 Applications. Pretty bold statement, right?

Remove rear propeller shaft. Remove transfer case, if equipped. Identification: The NV4500 has a cast iron case with a single piece, aluminum, bolt-on top cover with shifter.

The problem has been experienced with both General Motors trucks using the 6. If you&39;re looking at a Dodge RAM transmission replacement for your 2500- or 3500-Series truck with a Cummins Diesel or V10 engine, we&39;ve got a selection of new units designed to replace a rebuilt Dodge NV4500 5-speed transmission. The Chevy New Venture 4500 comes in three different versions. The NV3500 is manufactured for both four-wheel drive and two-wheel drive vehicles. The NV4500 transmission is a 5 speed manual transmission. We offer top quality manual transmission part, rebuild kits and overhaul kits including bearing, gasket and seal kits, cases, tail housing sections, syncro assemblies, gears, input and output shafts for the NV4500 5 Speed manual GM & Dodge gas and diesel transmissions. Owners of diesel trucks equipped with NV4500 5 Speed Transmissions have been looking for a cure for 5th Gear failures from as early as 1993.

Covers step-by-step disassembly, inspection, and reassembly; including Top Cover Service and Torque King installation. The NV4500 or New Venture Gear 4500 is a heavy-duty, manual shift, five-speed overdrive, longitudinally positioned transmission. The NV4500 or New Venture Gear 4500 is a heavy-duty, manual shift, five-speed overdrive, longitudinally positioned transmission. Built to exceed the industry standards, this heavy duty workhorse is perfect for a replacement, upgrade or NV4500 conversion.

Rebuilding an NV4500 Manual Transmission - Four Wheeler Magazine. Download Repair Manual For A Nv4500 Transmission nv4500 transmission service manual book pdf free download link or read online here in PDF. nv4500 manual transmission parts & rebuild kits.

The Fifth Gear locknut retainer locks the nut to the spline on the main shaft. The NV5600 6-speed brings a new meaning to the term "light duty". The New Venture Gear 4500, commonly called NV4500, is a 5-speed manual transmission manufactured by New Venture Gear and used in General Motors and Chrysler nv4500 transmission service manual products from 1991–. We offer conversion kit to replace older model manual and automatic transmissions with the HD NV4500 transmission. TM1003P Color Illustrated NV4500 Shop Manual Our all inclusive service and repair manual has 116 Tech Pages and is lavishly illustrated with over 400 color photographs. The NV4500 manual transmission was first used by Dodge in 1992 and later adopted by General Motors and installed at the factory until. sort by: 45rfe 5-45rfe 65rfe nv4500 nv3500 c6 t45 np833 srod rug rts t176 toploader transmission extension.

The NV4500 is a very popular 5-speed manual conversion and upgrade transmission in light trucks and SUVs from Toyota, Ford, Jeep, General Motors, and Dodge. Supplying this tag information when ordering a replacement transmission or transmission parts is helpful. I recently ordered and received the NVG 4500 Transmission Manual published the GM Service Technology Group. NV4500 Transmission Repair Solution. SCZA Transmission Info & Specs; Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep Transmission Info. This will help if you&39;re thinking of rebuilding the NV4500, upgrading to a larger input shaft, or trying to trouble shoot a problem like fifth gear. Honda Transmission Information. History of the Chevy NV4500 gear ratio.

1slowhatch · Registered. 5th Gear Lock Nut Retainer Set for Fits Dodge Ram 2500 & 3500 4WD,5. The MT8 and MW3 are defined by their different gear ratios and bolt patterns.

NV4500 5-Speed Rebuilt Dodge Transmission. NV4500 Transmission 5th Gear Repair Since Dodge introduced the New Venture 4500 transmission in 1992 it has enjoyed a reputation for reliability and strength. By doing this the retaining nut can’t back off. Robust and reliable, this 5 speed transmission was supplied in pickup trucks (up to 1 Ton) and is a popular replacement in older trucks with 4 speeds. Both 5 speed transmissions that had their own little idiosyncrasies. Raise and support vehicle. Remove engine rear support. nv4500 nv 4500 manual transmission repair service workshop shop manual manual transmission - nv4500 description operation diagnosis and testing removal disassembly cleaning inspection assembly installation specifications special tools adapter housing seal removal installation extension housing seal removal installation shift mechanism removal installation shift cover removal installation.

Five pages of full color Exploded Views. NV4500 bearing kit 90-95 chev transmission uses steel frt retainer with snout. MOTIVE GEAR NV21901 Input Shaft Seal Dodge Cummins/V10 NV4500 Transmission.

The NV4500 transmission is considered to be the toughest and most reliable 5 speed manual transmission ever built. New Venture 4500 (NV4500) Transmissions. Your Name (required) Your Email (required) Subject. In the past, we have only had available the Getrag 360 and the NV4500. 68RFE Transmission Torque Specifications; 68RFE Tech Info & Specifications.

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